Million Dollar Poker [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Johnny Bravo [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - Johnny Bravo

Hillbilly Farm 3D [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Ski Jumping 2008 [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - Ski Jumping 2008

Hamster Loco [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - Hamster Loco

Day Walker [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - Day Walker

Panzer General [ N80 / E60 / E70 ]

Download - Panzer General

K.O. Fighters [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - K.O. Fighters

Midnight Darts [ N73 / N75 / N76 / N77 / N93 / N93i / N95 / E50 / E65 / 5700 / 6110 / 6120/ 6290 / LG KS10 Joy ]

Download - Midnight Darts

Epocware Handy Blacklist v2.0


Handy Blacklist protects your time and piece of mind by keeping undesired calls off your phone. If there is someone you just don’t want to hear from, let Handy Blacklist keep that person off your phone!

With Handy Blacklist, you can:

  • Add specific phone numbers to prevent them calling you! The unwanted calls are blocked immediately. The only way you will notice that person called you is by observing the application call log. If you disconnected a call manually, Handy Blacklist will propose you to add that number automatically! No more talking to unwanted people, save your time and money for those you do want to hear from!
  • Block not only specific phone numbers, but private and unknown numbers as well! If you want to tighten your security even further, this function is right for you. Let only those people you do know call you, and set the rest off-limits!
Download - Epocware Handy Blacklist v2.0

Epocware Handy Alarm v1.05


Set up alarms on your smartphone and you will never miss any important thing or fixed time. Handy Alarm software for Nokia E65 supports alarms for any case.

  • Set up an alarm once, for next 24 hours, daily, weekly, or workdays;
  • Use as many alarms as you need at once;
  • Define what days of the week are working ones for workdays alarm;
  • Choose your favorite tone and sound volume for alarms;
  • Make a text note to any alarm;
  • Use alarm even when your smartphone is in silent mode.

Languages supported: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Download - Epocware Handy Alarm v1.05

Tektronic Phone Shortcuts v1.02

Phone Shortcuts is a software tool which allows you to start the applications faster using shortcuts, hotkeys and the start at boot (autoboot) feature. The main screen of the application shows you a grid of shortcuts you can define. For each shortcut you can associate an application and edit its settings in order to start it faster. The application defined for a shortcut can simply (and faster) be started by pressing the associated key (hotkey). You have just to keep the hotkey pressed for its timeout (long press) and the application will be started no matter what the phone shows. Due to the background service the hotkeys will be active anytime even the Phone Shortcuts is not running. If you do not wish to use hotkeys you can still start the applications faster by (long) pressing the key ''C'' (clear). This will automatically start the Phone Shortcuts tool allowing you to select a shortcut from its main menu grid. In the main menu grid, just simply press the associated key of the shortcut and the application will be started also. * Key features: - the shortcut hotkey for an application can be enabled/disabled. - the hotkey timeout (long key press) can be changed from 1 to 10 seconds. - hotkey can ignore the keylock. If you long press the hotkey, the application will be started even the keypad is locked. This option can be disabled too. - start at boot option available (autostart). If this setting is enabled, then the application will be started when the phone is powered on (boot time). A number of max. 5 applications are allowed to autostart at the boot time (power on). - the master hotkey ''C'' (clear) allows to directly start the Phone Shortcuts tool and select the shortcut. This can be disabled also. - the master hotkey ''C'' can also ignore the keypad lock if enabled. - the Phone Shortcuts tool can also be set to start at the boot time (autoboot). - the hotkeys do not affect the normal usage of the phone. You can use the keys and write text as usually. - allows 12 shortcuts in the main menu grid. The shortcuts are mapped with the phone''s numeric keys 1-9,0,# and * (hotkeys). You can also start applications faster as follows: - use the Phone Shortcuts tool and define shortcuts. Assign the Phone Shortcuts tool to the left soft key in the main screen (Tools->Settings->Phone->General->Standby mode->Left selection key-> assign Phone Shortcuts). Every time you need to start an application faster, simply press the left soft key to start the Phone Shortcuts tool and then, from the main menu grid, press the associated key for application. - assign the Phone Shortcuts tool to one entry in the active panel of the main phone screen. Just select the Phone Shortcuts icon from panel to start it then select the desired application. For more information, please see the user guide.

Download - Tektronic Phone Shortcuts v1.02

Wireless Labs Technologies Message Mirror Lite v1.0

Message Mirror has a "mirroring service" running on your phone. Once the service has started, it monitors all incoming and outgoing messages. Therefore when you open Message Mirror, you are able to browse all your messages even if you have deleted them from inbox or sent box. You can also convert all your messages to a file and send it to your PC or email address. Message Mirror supports 4 file types: TEXT, HTML, CSV and XML. Your Message Mirror may also be password protected. By means of this, you can delete your private message from inbox/sentbox and read them in Message Mirror.

Download - Wireless Labs Technologies Message Mirror Lite v1.0

Aims Migital Technovations Smart Assistant Live v2.00

Description: Your Mobile phhone assistant with Easy Call Management, Personalized Call Rejection Messages, Answering Machine, Call Recorder, Voice Notes.

Advanced Call Management

Live Response Actions for All Incoming Calls - Answer, Busy, Busy with Msg, Busy with Voice Msg, Call Recording.

Personalized Call Rejection Messages

Create own personalized Call Rejection messages. Change Call Rejection messages anytime.

Answering Machine

Full feature answering machine with auto-reply messages and message recording.

Easy Call Recorder

Easy to use Call Recording with integrated Hotkey. Just click and record!

Customized Voice Notes

Record your Personal Voice Notes for future reference.

Download - Aims Migital Technovations Smart Assistant Live v2.00

WildPalm PhotoCard v1.03

Description: Make unique picture postcards to send to your friends! Choose from a variety of styles - up to 9 images in a single picture message!


* 5 Different PostCard templates
* Easy to use template interface - simply select the area of the postcard and click!
* Add text captions to your PostCards
* Select from different border effects
* Send PostCards via MMS, IR, Bluetooth or Email, or simply save to your phone for later
* Free trial

New in v1.1:

* Postcards can now be saved in a variety of sizes
* High-resolution support for Nokia N90 screen
* New translations

Select from a variety of built-in templates

Use the PostCard editor to easily add images or text, then send the finished PostCard to your friends!

Download - WildPalm PhotoCard v1.03

WildPalm PhotoFix v1.02

Description: Fast and Easy Photo conversion for your phone! Scale and rotate your photos - in seconds! Batch convert all your photos in a single click!


* Select any number of images for conversion in a single step
* Reduce the image resolution to save space and upload costs
* Fine control over image quality
* Options to rotate or convert your photos to greyscale - easily convert all your portrait shots!
* Easily choose a new filename for your images - your original images will never be overwritten

Using PhotoFix

1. Select your images. Any number of images can be selected at once.
2. Select the desired image resolution.

3. Select your preferred quality setting. The estimated file size per image is shown in the main screen.
4. Choose the optional image processing - rotate the images or make greyscale copies.

5. Select the image filename suffix. Processed images are saved to a new file with the original name plus filename suffix, in the same folder as the original.
6. Convert all your photos with a single click!

Download - WildPalm PhotoFix v1.02

WildPalm CameraFX v2.60

Description: CameraFX is a unique imaging tool for your phone which allows images to be captured and manipulated in real-time

10x Digital Zoom

Red, Green, Blue adjust
Grey, Inverse Colour modes. New 'Highlight' Colour mode

Brightness / Contrast adjust
User-defined colour profiles e.g. Sepia, B&W

Image stretch / flip

Image frames
Special FX

Mirror Image, Double Image

Lens, Outline, Twist

MultiScreen, Mosaic, Polar Lens, Kaleidoscope
3D Special FX

SpaceTube, SpaceCube, Prism

Tunnel, Perspective, PhotoMaze

All Special FX are produced in real-time on your phone!

Extra Features

* High quality filtered zoom.
* Save captured images to the PhotoAlbum, or send via IR, BT, Email and MMS
* Load up an image stored in the PhotoAlbum and add effects before sending
* Multiple language support - Select language from within application, and easily add new languages
* Send application trial to a friend via Bluetooth
* Easily purchase via SMS from within application - 30 days trial or unlimited time!
* Full on-line help
* Free Trial

Keyboard Controls
The following keyboard controls are available for fast colour adjustment:

* 1 - Greyscale Colour mode
* 2 - Normal Colour mode
* 3 - Inverse Colour mode
* 4 - Decrease Brightness
* 5 - Toggle Night mode
* 6 - Increase Brightness
* 7 - Decrease Contrast
* 8 - Colour swap
* 9 - Increase Contrast

Download - WildPalm CameraFX v2.60

WildPalm PhotoArt v1.03

Description: Create masterpieces from your photos with the PhotoArt virtual painter! Watch in real-time as your photo is re-created in a classic style!


* 6 different painting styles - Impressionist, Expressionist, Cubist, Watercolour, Pointilist and Sketch
* Different colour options, for even more painting styles
* Save the finished work - or send to your friends!
* Create small, medium or large images
* Free trial

Select from a variety of painting styles

Watch your painting being created - pause or stop the artist at any time

Select different colour options for even more effects!

Download - WildPalm PhotoArt v1.03

Killer Mobile Total Recall v 2.0.2

Description: Total Recall is the Market Leading Call Recorder / Mobile Dictaphone for Symbian Series 60 2nd & 3rd Edition Devices. In classic Killer Mobile Style, we've created an application that is super easy to use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need. Total Recall allows you to easily record all or just some of your calls. We use super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of calls on today's modern memory cards. And best of all, no pesky beep while recording*!

Total Recall replaced Spy Call as our Call Recorder application.

Features Include:

Extremely small footprint - consumes very little memory
No Beep Recording **
Unlimited Recording Time
Record to Internal Memory or Memory Card
Intuitively Named Clips
Transfer Clips to your PC with Ease
Password Protection Available
Auto Record All Calls or Be Prompted to Record
Manual Start/Stop
Dictaphone (While not on a call)
Upload Clips via FTP (3rd edition only)
Autostart at reboot

Download - Killer Mobile Total Recall v 2.0.2

SIC FTP Client

Description: The long awaited FTP client for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones is here and even better it is FREE!!!

For those who don’t know, FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer data from one computer to another over the Internet, or through a network. FTP is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files over the Internet. Whether you know it or not, you most likely use FTP all the time.

The most common use for FTP is to download files from the Internet. Because of this, FTP is the backbone of the MP3 music craze, and vital to most online auction and game enthusiasts.
SIC FTP is a free ftp client for all Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. Application is very simple to use but very powerful and besides the FTP functionality

Download - SIC FTP Client

Emdigo Cat Yellow v1.0

Download Emdigo Cat Yellow v1.0
Description: 3D animation of a Yellow Cat to set as a 3D Ringtone, 3D New Message Alert, and/or 3D Screensaver. Requires (free) Cinema3D player.

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