MobliNews RSS Reader

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Description: Looking for a great way to view and manage your RSS feeds from your mobile? Look no further than MobliNews, the most popular Symbian RSS/ATOM reader.

MobliNews can access the many thousands of RSS/ATOM feeds on the Internet and displays the information straight to your mobile. Whether you wish to view the current news, weather, currency, stock markets, jokes, horoscopes.. MobliNews can access them all.

MobliNews can display the items within the feeds within the front view or via the scrolling news ticker which still remains on the screen even when the application is hidden to the background. This means that the user can use their phone as normal and still view the live football scores! This has never before been seen on a mobile/cell phone.

Details of the program:

Main MobliNews screen, displaying the feed information in the scrolling ticker view and the feed items in a tidy list.

The scrolling ticker tape when the application has been hidden. The user uses the phone as usual with the football scores being displayed.

The colour and speed of the ticker tape can be adjusted.

The user can open up any of the items in the feed to see the description and title.

There are many RSS URLs included to get you started, with the ability to enter and store others within the program. Give it a go!

I wanted to put this feature in the headline, but it got too long, so I'm glad you decided to read this. I'm disgustingly addicted to my RSS reader. It's sad. But I saw this app on AllAboutSymbian this morning, and thought it has huge potential.

MobliNews RSS Reader for S60v3 is your run-of-the-mill news reader, with preset horoscopes and news and sports scores. You can also add your own RSS feeds. They claim they're "the most popular Symbian RSS/ATOM reader" but I haven't heard of them before today.