RealVista Desktop - Evolution (change your phone style into Windows Vista)

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What is RealVista Desktop?
RVD is awesome free FlashLite application that can change your phone style into Windows Vista without changing ANY system files or damaging your phone.

What's I need to use it?

-Nokia Symbian 9 s60v3 smartphone (or higer);
-FlashLite 2.1 player. You can download it on Adobe's website (personal
account required) or any other website. Use search to find it. Phones with
built-in FlashLite 2.0 like N95 or N82 don't need FL2.1;
-memory card.

What’s new in RVD-Evolution?
-available versions for 176*208 and 240*320 screen resolutions;
-new awesome design (you love it!). All icons and windows are redrawn;
-the size of app was reduced to 230 KB;
-easy install: no more problems with signing RVD app. Just install sisx and enjoy;
-now it’s possible to open RVD from Gallery (how to do this in the Users Guide);
-now you can launch ALL standard Symbian 9.1 s60v3 applications like Phonebook, Calendar, BT etc. and choose your 5 favorite apps. If you don’t like a limit for 5 own apps you can use Command line which allows to launch ANY application installed on your phone (list of commands for popular apps included to a package);
-you can set up your own wallpaper and color theme. It’s simple like to edit write notes! Just click special button which opens default txt editor, edit color names, adjust path to picture, save changes and see results. I recommend to use Office Suite - it’s ideal solution for this function;
-also you can download ready-to-use high quality themes from my site and enjoy it;
-you can make calls directly from RVD;
-you can block your keypad, shutdown and restart your phone directly from RVD;
-you can see some device info about your phone;
-you can use your keypad to navigate menu.